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Your adventure awaits at Historic St. Mary’s City! The museum’s school programs align with Maryland State Common Core Content Standards and Essential Skills for students in grades preschool through 12th grade. Browse through our downloadable online catalog to see our menu of guided tour and outreach programs. For pricing and availability, please contact us at 301-994-4371 or email hsmcc.groups@maryland.gov or download our field trip planner below.


Unable to travel to the museum? Visit our virtual platform with resources and videos for educators.

Fill out a tour reservation request here   and someone from the Tours department will be in touch with you.

A social story, or social narrative, has been created for each outdoor exhibit area to help your class prepare for their day.

Historic St. Mary’s City wants to make sure you have the tools you need to provide your students with materials that can prepare them for their HSMC experience, as well as enhance their learning once they return to the classroom.

Lesson Plans

Teacher Resources - Lesson Plan - Indentured Servants
Teacher Resources - Lesson Plan - John Halfhead
Teacher Resources - Lesson Plan - Using Primary Sources


Teacher Resources - Activity - Coloring
Teacher Resources - Activity - Counting Board
Teacher Resources - Activity - Pig Trial
Teacher Resources - Activity - Sweet Bags
Teacher Resources - Activity - Counting Board Video

Educator Resources

Educator Resources - A Brief History of St. Mary’s City
Educator Resources - Suggested Reading for Teachers
Educator Resources - Maryland’s First Capital
Educator Resources - Trade and Travel
Educator Resources - Woodland Indians of Southern Maryland

Looking to dig deeper? Visit our virtual platform for videos, lesson plans and more.

Welcome, students! Historic St. Mary’s City has prepared information just for you.

Historic St. Mary's City - Student Guide

Curious on what you will see once you arrive? Visit our social narratives, pages set to specifically prepare students for what they may see during their visit.

Social Narrative - Arriving for your Tour
Social Narrative - Godiah Spray Plantation
Social Narrative - Maryland Dove
Social Narrative - Town Center
Social Narrative - Woodland Indian Hamlet

Historic St. Mary’s City offers unique educational programs designed for homeschool families throughout the year.

View our calendar for upcoming Homeschool Workshops

Historic St. Mary’s City Terra Mariae program

The Terra Mariae program is an intensive program for homeschoolers, running March – November. See below for the full description and how your homeschooler can get involved:

Program Description

As a Terra Mariae Society participant you will:

  • Participate in the program for one museum season (March – November)
  • Interpret (in costume) the various aspects of 17th -century life
  • Participate in and conduct school tours, demonstrations, and daily 17th -century tasks
  • Learn the history of early Maryland
  • Learn how to interpret to the public
  • Perform written assignments as assigned by the site supervisors and/or parent as required for homeschool curriculum
  • Assist in completing your own 17th -century costume
  • Complete a final research project.


  • 80% – period interpretation
    • 50% general interpretation, speaking to visitors, hands-on study
    • 20% interpretive maintenance, animal husbandry, gardening
    • 10% special events, demonstrations, tours
    • 20% – non-period maintenance, training, research.

Information (PDF)


Learning - Terra Mariae Program Town Center – Terra Mariae Program
Learning - Terra Mariae ProgramHomeschoolers – Terra Mariae Program