June 18

The Shop at Farthings Ordinary will open at noon.

On Wednesday, June 19, the museum will be closed in observance of the state holiday Juneteenth.

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General Education information

K – 12 programs

Your adventure awaits at Historic St. Mary’s City! The museum’s school programs align with Maryland State Common Core Content Standards and Essential Skills for students in grades pre-k through 12th grade. Our knowledgeable staff works with you to ensure your students enjoy a fun, safe, and educational experience for your outreach or on-site experience.

You may request a reservation online or our staff may take your reservation Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Contact us at 240-895-4980 or email groups@hsmcdigshistory.org to book your tour.

For a printable pdf of the information below, click here

You Come to the Museum

Tours are available:
Spring: Tuesday – Saturday
Summer: Wednesday – Sunday
Fall: Tuesday – Saturday

Puss in Boots

Tag along with Puss, the cat, as he adventures through the Plantation! Learn colonial objects and vocabulary during this immersive storytelling tour.
Grades: Pre-School – K
Length: 1 hour

  • PRE-K 1A1a, 3C1ab, 5A1a SL1, SL1a, SL2, SL4, SL6 L1d-f, Visual: 1, 1.1a, 2.1.
  • K 1A1ab, 2A1a, 3C1a-c, 5A1a-b, 5A2a SL1, SL1a, SL2, SL3, SL6 L1.d
Coming to America

Pack your bags and travel back in time as an early American colonist. Using hands-on activities, students will discover the journey and arrival of the many people who came to Maryland in search of a better life. Learn about the importance of simple machinery to help sailors do their jobs, visit a colonial hotel – called an Ordinary – and learn about what it would be like to stay there, play colonial games, and much more!
Grades: Pre-K – 2
Length: 2 hours

  • K 3A1a-d, 3B1a-d, 3C1a-c, 3D1a-b, 4A1a-b, 4A2a-c, 4A3a, 4B1a, 4B3a-c, 5A1a-b, 5A2a-c
  • 1 2A1a-b, 2B1a, 2C1a, 3A1a-e, 3B1a-c, 3C1a-b, 3D1a-c, 4A1a-b, 4A2a-b, 4A3a, 4B1a-b, 4B3a-b, 5A1a-b, 5A2a-b
  • 2 3A1a-d, 3B1a-d, 3C1a-b, 3D1a-c, 4A1a-c, 4A2a-b, 4A3a-b, 4B1a-b, 4B3a-c, 5A1a-b, 5A2a
Maryland History Highlights

Examine the economy, religion, and culture of early Maryland life with engaging activities. Grades: 3—5
Length: 4 hours

  • 1A1a, 1A2a, 1B1a, 2A1a-d, 1D1a 6B1a SL1a-d, SL6 L6, 2B1a-b, 2B2a-b, 3C2a-c, 3D1a-b, 4A1a, 4A2a, 4B1a-b,4B2a, 5A1a-b, 5A2a-b
Exploring the Past

Students will learn of colonial Maryland history throughout the 1600s, comparing and contrasting different groups of people living in Maryland at the time of and after point of contact, religious and political history at Maryland’s first capital, the tobacco economy, distinctions between indentured servants and enslaved peoples, and the development of the institution of slavery throughout this period. Students will also learn about historical and archaeological sources and methods that are available which help historians and archaeologists to piece together the past.
Grades: 9 – 12
Length: 2 hours

  • AP United State History Course Framework: NAT-1.0, POL-1.0, WXT-1.0, WXT-2.0, WXT-3.0, CUL-1.0, CUL-2.0, CUL-3.0, MIG-1.0, GEO-1.0, WOR-1.0
  • Historical Period 2 (1607-1754) Key Concepts: 2.1.I.C., 2.1.II.A&D, 2.1.III.A&B, 2.2.I.A, 2.2II.A&B
Custom Tours

Wanting to add more? Contact Historic St. Mary’s City group tours to add further to your educational experience or for more information. Possible areas to include:

The Museum Comes to You

Mother Goose Rhyme Time

Favorite nursery rhymes come to life during this interactive and memorable adventure.
Grades: Pre-K – K
Length: 1 hour
Available: September through March

  • Pre-School Social Studies: 5.A.1; 6.A.1; 6.D.1.a-c; 6.E.1.a-b; 6.F.1.a-c
  • Pre-School Language Arts: 1.A.2; 1.C.a-b; 1.D.1.a-d; 1.D.2.a-b; 1E.1.a-e; 1.E.3.a-c; 1.E.4.a-e
  • Pre-School Visual Arts: 1, 2, 3
  • Kindergarten Social Studies: 5.A.1-2; 6.A.1; 6.D.1.a-c; 6.E.1.a-b; 6.F.1.a-c
  • Kindergarten Language Arts: 1.A.2; 1.C.a-b; 1.D.1.a-d; 1.D.2.a-b; 1E.1.a,d-e; 1.E.3.a-c,e; 1.E.4.a-e
  • Kindergarten Visual Arts: 1, 2, 3
Colonial Life

Bring the Maryland colony to your classroom! Hear about colonial life, examine reproduction items, and try on colonial clothes. The visit will conclude with a question and answer session.
Grades: 3 – 5
Length: 1 hour
Available: December through February
Standards (Grade 4):

  • Peoples of the Nations & World: 2.0.A.1; 2.0.B.1; 2.0.B.2
  • Geography: 3.0.D.1
  • History: 5.0.A.2
Woodland Indian Experience

Explore Native American lifeways in your classroom. Examine reproduction items, and learn about the unique relationship that the native peoples of the Chesapeake had with their environment. This session will conclude with a question and answer session.
Grades: 3 – 5
Length: 1 hour
Available: December through February
Standards (Grade 4):

  • Civics: 1.0.A.1; 1.0.A.2; 1.0.B.1
  • Peoples of the Nations and World: 2.0.A.1; 2.0.B.1; 2.0.B.2; 2.0.C.1
  • Economics: 4.0.B.3
  • History: 5.0.A.1

Virtual Programs (Coming Soon)

Unable to visit Historic St. Mary’s City in person? Learn more about our virtual tour, additional virtual programming, and accompanying lesson plans available that can bring history to life for your students at home or in the classroom.


Tour Information


Please call 240-895-4979 if you anticipate a late arrival. Delays of 20 minutes or more may result in a shortened tour.


If you must cancel, please contact the Public Programs Office as soon as possible by calling 240-895-4979. We will make every effort to schedule a new date for your visit.


Tours at Historic St. Mary’s City (HSMC) proceed rain or shine and take place in an outdoor setting. Participants should wear walking shoes and dress for the weather. Please be aware, extreme weather conditions may necessitate the closing of the Maryland Dove.


Plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of your tour. This will allow for ample time to visit the restrooms before your tour begins. Before arriving, please complete the “Arrival Information Sheet,” as this will assist you with payment as you check-in.


There is no deposit required. Payment is required in full on the date of your tour, unless prior arrangements have been made. We accept cash, check, and credit card (Discover, MasterCard, or Visa). Checks are payable to “Historic St. Mary’s City”. An accurate count of participants is required upon check-in. There is a $20 minimum refund.

Vehicle Use

Your vehicles will be needed the entire time at HSMC to transport the group between historical sites. If you are contracting with bus companies, it is important that your drives understand this necessity.


The majority of the sites at Historic St. Mary’s City are wheelchair and stroller accessible. Visitors with mobility difficulties may have difficulty boarding the Maryland Dove, entering the main house at the Godiah Spray Tobacco Plantation, and accessing the second floor of the State House. In these circumstances, print text and images will be provided.

Historic St. Mary’s City offers a social narrative of our tour to be sent to a school’s arrival to help ease the experience. Contact the Group Tours Office for more information.


Outdoor picnic tables are available for your use on a first-come, first-serve basis. At our Farthing’s Ordinary picnic site, covered pavilions are available. To help keep our site clean, Historic St. Mary’s City asks that you come equipped to pack up and remove your own trash. It is recommended for students to transport food in re-useable containers. We do ask you to not climb or sit on our picnic tables.

Museum Store

For souvenirs of their tour, groups are encouraged to pre-order goody bags. If you would like to add time to your tour to include the Gift Shop, please notify the Public Programs Office.


Should an emergency arise, please notify the nearest Historic St. Mary’s City staff person. All sites have basic first-aid kits. Our staff is trained to handle various emergency situations; please defer to them.


Still or video photography is welcomed for personal, non-commercial use. During your visit, you may be photographed for promotional purposes by Historic St. Mary’s City staff. If you or anyone in your group does not wish to be photographed, please let a staff member know.


Historic St. Mary’s City does not require a certain ratio of chaperones to students, nor do we limit the number of chaperones who would like to attend. Chaperones are required to stay with their school group at all times, and are encouraged to assist the teacher and guide in keeping the group together throughout the tour.

Virtual Tours

If you are unable to come visit Historic St. Mary’s City in person, we have a virtual tour, additional virtual programming, and accompanying lesson plans available that can bring history to life for your students.

Teacher’s Resources

Historic St. Mary’s City has compiled resources that teachers can use to gain background information on various topics, and to be used within the classroom with students.


Social Narratives

Student Resources

Historic St. Mary’s City teamed up with Maryland Public Television to develop resources for students and educators. To learn about the following topics follow the link http://mdroots.thinkport.org/.

  • Visit a Woodland Indian Village
  • Go on an Archaeological Dig
  • Solve the Mystery of the Three Lead Coffins
  • Adding It Up
  • Build Your Plantation
  • Journey to a New Life
  • Read a Colonist’s Diary
  • Create Your Own Museum
  • And More . . .