Historic St. Mary’s City will be closed Saturday, September 23 due to the weather forecast.

The September 23 Militia Muster event and RiverFest have been canceled. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a Southern Maryland  outdoor museum of living history and archaeology, we want to give you, the visitor, all the tools you need to make your time here a pleasant one. Wondering "where’s the city" of Historic St. Mary's City, or the best place to eat? You won’t have to dig too far for the answer - just look below.

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About Historic St. Mary’s City

Are all these buildings from the 1600s?

No. Some are reconstructions—new buildings with the features of old ones, built on their original locations. The Brick Chapel (ca. 1667), Cordea’s Hope, Smith’s Ordinary, and the Print House are reconstructions. Other buildings at HSMC are recreations—new buildings built to look like old ones, but not on their original location. The Godiah Spray Tobacco Plantation, the Woodland Indian Hamlet, and the State House are recreations.

Are you animal friendly?

Are you open year-round?

Can I purchase from the gift shop online?

Can we feed the animals at HSMC?

Can we walk to all of the sites?

Do we need to purchase tickets to tour the site?

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How long will it take to tour the site?

Is Maryland Dove the actual ship that brought the settlers over in 1634?

Is there any place to eat at HSMC?

Where is the city?

Who owns HSMC?


How do I obtain images for use in my book/presentation/article or get permission to film at HSMC?

Private Events

Can I bring my vendors to tour the wedding venue?

Can I visit the venue more than once?

Can we choose our own caterer?

Can we decorate the night before or the next morning?

Can we provide our own alcohol?

Do your venues have handicapped bathrooms?

How can I use HSMC properties for a private event?

How do I reserve a venue at Historic St. Mary’s City (HSMC)?

How many guests fit in each location?

What electrical do you supply?

What facilities are offered for the wedding party to get dressed?

What happens if it rains or other inclement weather on the day of my event?

What is the official address for The State House and The Inn at Brome Howard?

When I provide my own decorations, when do they need to be removed?

Will Maryland Dove be at the dock the day of my wedding?