Annual Fund

    This on-going fund provides unrestricted support to Historic St. Mary's City. By choosing this option you allow us the freedom to use your donation wherever funding is most needed.

1667 Brick Chapel Fund

    Support the reconstructed chapel of 1667 which represents the founding place of the Roman Catholic faith in British North America and religious liberty for all colonists in Maryland. Donations will be used to furnish, preserve, maintain and interpret the chapel.

The Maryland Dove Fund

    Support the maintenance and interpretation of the Maryland Dove a re-creation of the smaller of the two ships that originally settled the colony of Maryland. The ship operates as a shore-side and traveling attraction for visitors as well as a working vessel that helps to preserve the maritime heritage of the 17th century.

The Garden Fund

    Support the colonial themed gardens as well as over five miles of scenic trails along the St. Mary's River.

Plantation Fund

    Support the agriculture exhibits at the Godiah Spray Planation. Donations help provide for the animals, gardens, field crops and structures where historic plantation life is re-created.