Lecture: “Recent Research at Historic St. Mary’s City”

April 20, 2017 @ 7:00 pm
Visitor Center Auditorium
18751 Hogaboom Ln
St Marys City, MD 20686
Visitor Center

Get the scoop on the latest discoveries at Maryland’s first colonial capital, during our annual Maryland Archeology Month lecture, with presentations by Dr. Henry Miller, and Dr. Travis Parno.

An archaeological rescue project in 1990 revealed a fascinating complex of colonial structures on a tract of land granted by Lord Baltimore to Henry Coursey. Archaeology suggests that the buildings were erected between c. 1675-1690. Henry Miller, Ph.D., presents the evidence collected from the site, and interprets Coursey’s buildings in the context of broader Chesapeake architectural development.

In the early 1980s, archaeologists testing the northern yard of the Leonard Calvert house (c. 1635) uncovered small segments of a fence trench. Thirty years later, this feature has been identified as an animal baiting pit. Animal blood sport, including bull baiting and dog/cock fighting, has a lengthy precedent in both England and its colonies. Travis Parno, Ph.D., looks at history and archaeology to help us understand.